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Wish List

Readers and potential members of Impada.org:

Thank you for visiting Impada.org; those of you who take a step further and begin participating in spreading the word about predatory leadership are the pioneers whose work will eventually lead to a future free of the PL syndrome.

If you have skills and/or resources to share, we welcome your ideas. At this time, there are two active members running Impada.org, myself, Matt Kramer and our webmaster, Garth Catterall. It will require many more to transform this hypothesis into a world movement.

Initially we need some specific skill sets in order to build a strong foundation that will be able to handle exponential growth when that time comes. For some positions, we may need more than one person, especially after the organization begins to grow. Here is the beginning of the wish list:

a) Someone with administrative skills (I am a researcher, an author and a lecturer; I am not an administrator).

b) A bookkeeper and/or accountant – it is important that our finances are clean and transparent from the beginning of this operation. While Impada.org is established as a Florida non-profit corporation, it still has not received status from the IRS as a federal non-profit able to accept tax deductible donations (application was made in April of 2014; we’re still waiting.)

c) Someone with social media savvy able to help maximize promoting Impada.org and the ebook when we are ready to start that promotion.

d) Graphic artist/illustrator: Someone able to enhance our communications and social media as those projects develop.

e) Graphic novel illustrator or illustrators: The current ebook, “Understanding Predatory Leadership:, etc., is the first of many publications to come. In order to promote this book on an international basis, I believe it will be helpful to create a graphic novel version designed so that the text can be translated into different languages in different regions of the world. On a global basis, a graphic novel version of the ebook will become one of our most powerful educational marketing tools.

f) Curriculum designer: I will be giving lectures, training new lecturers and setting up trainings for members who want to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of PL, and who want to train future trainers. Someone with experience in curriculum design will be invaluable in making that process substantive, sustainable and successful.

g) Grant writer: a person skilled in writing grants and researching the kinds of foundations and other institutions that are in alignment with Impada.org’s mission, vision and values.

h) One of my ideas, rather than assigning a specific person to some of the positions is to allow people to join a resource pool with the intention being that people can volunteer their efforts when their time is available without feeling obligated when other aspects of their lives take priority. I’m open to ideas regarding the viability or development of this idea.

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