If you found a way to end humanity’s worst examples of social injustice, what would you do?

Predatory Leadership in History

Revisit almost any major event, including Alexander the Great’s mission to conquer the world; the mob inspired murder of Hypatia; the cruelty of the Spanish Inquisition; the witch burnings of the Middle Ages; the practice of slavery; China’s cultural revolution; the genocidal atrocities in Rwanda and Cambodia, and thousands of other events – you will find narcissistically toxic personalities at the heart of them all.

The original focus of the PL hypothesis is that historically the original contributors were people who displayed specific behavioral traits attributed to psychopaths including lack of capacity for empathy, lack of capacity for conscience or remorse, narcissistic self entitlement and, that in their world view, they are the only victims; all others are considered irrelevant, either as objects to be used or obstacles to be eliminated. For the purposes of this website, the term psychopath will be used to represent those original contributors to acts and conditions of extreme social injustice including war, poverty, human trafficking, corruption and more.

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