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Predatory Leadership in Government

The concept of Predatory Leadership (PL) is fueled by multiple influences. It is important to recognize that PL is comprised of two separate but intertwined components: the behaviors unique to psychopaths (1% of the population) and the globally widespread and enmeshed conditions of social injustice that occur around the world as a consequence of the influence and impact of psychopaths in positions of power over the centuries.

PL manifests uniquely in each government. For example, the preamble to the constitution of North Korea includes the following statement: Comrade Kim II Sung regarded “believing in the people as in heaven” as his motto, was always with the people, devoted his whole life to them, took care of and guided them with a noble politics of benevolence, and turned the whole society into one big and united family. Article 4 states: The sovereignty of the DPRK resides in the workers, peasants, working intellectuals and all other working people. The working people exercise power through their representative organs—the Supreme People’s Assembly and local people’s assemblies at all levels. A cursory study of inhumane conditions in North Korea exposes these noble statements as false and uncharacteristic of the government’s harsh rule over the people of North Korea today. https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Peoples_Republic_of_Korea_1998.pdf?lang=en

Corruption in the nation of Somalia exists on a broad scale ranging from extortion by military personnel whose salaries are inadequate to support them, to government scale corruption including visa fraud and appropriation of foreign aid funds intended to address widespread starvation throughout the country. An excerpt from a university study of corruption in Somalia states: Both petty and grand forms of corruption are prevalent in Somalia, permeating key sectors of the economy such as ports and airports, tax and custom collection, immigration, telecommunication and management of aid resources. According to a recent audit report by the Prime Minister’s office, corruption manifests itself through various practices, including gross public financial mismanagement, large scale misappropriation of public and donor funds, unethical and professional negligence, and concealment of actual resource flows.

Bill Moyers encapsulates the state of corruption in the United States as follows:
A top government official with energy industry holdings huddles in secret with oil company executives to work out the details of a potentially lucrative “national energy policy.” Later, that same official steers billions of government dollars to his former oil-field services company. Well-paid elected representatives act with impunity, routinely trading government contracts and other favors for millions of dollars. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens live in fear of venal police forces that suck them dry by charging fees for services, throwing them in jail when they can’t pay arbitrary fines or selling their court “debts” to private companies. Sometimes the police just take people’s life savings leaving them with no recourse whatsoever. Sometimes they steal and deal drugs on the side. Meanwhile, the country’s infrastructure crumbles.

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