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Understanding Predatory Leadership ebook now available!

Understanding Predatory Leadership_cover-250x400Understanding Predatory Leadership
The First Step Toward a World Free of
War, Corruption and Poverty

is available as an ebook for $0.99 – not a bad price for a book
that could inspire an end to war on our planet.

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Predatory leadership is a complex condition that affects every facet of our lives yet very few people have heard of the concept. No single book will ever be able to address the infinite number of ways toxic leaders historically and currently impact everybody on the planet. This short ebook provides an introduction to the mindset and methods used by narcissists and psychopaths to manipulate populations into giving up their power and allowing the worst kinds of people to become their leaders. Many folks are surprised to find their presumptions are incorrect regarding the nature and motivation of these dangerous opportunists. The knowledge you will gain from Understanding Predatory Leadership will empower you to make better choices about whom you follow, promote, elect and marry. It will also enable those who are interested in or are already working to make the world a better place to develop effective and sustainable strategies for creating a kinder civilization free of war, poverty and corruption.


Understanding Predatory Leadership: The First Step Toward a World Free of War, Corruption and Poverty - ebook now available!


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