If you found a way to end humanity’s worst examples of social injustice, what would you do?

Music truly speaks louder than words

About the music presented on this site:

The Playing for Change tracks included here are exemplary of our ability, even when we do not speak the same language, to connect as friends and share some of the most meaningful moments of our lives.

I challenge all nations to reverse their budget line items. If we spent as much on the arts as we spend on the military, and spend as little on the military as we spend on the arts, we would more easily achieve a peaceful civilization that places a higher priority on peace than it does on war.

In many ways, music truly speaks louder than words.

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We Can Make A Difference
Words and Music by Harold Payne:

Harold is one of my best friends. We have shared travel to India and Japan. To learn more about Harold, his group, Gravity, and his life work sharing music around the world, visit:
Harold Payne Music


Playing for Change – Stand By Me:

Playing For Change – Chanda Mama – Song Around The World:

The URL below explains a bit about the making of the song and provides access to the Playing for Change website:
Making of Song Around The World

Let’s Get Together And Feel Alright:

Redemption Song:

What A Wonderful World:

Where There Is Love:

Let It Be – Shang Shang Typhoon Live in ’93:

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