If you found a way to end humanity’s worst examples of social injustice, what would you do?

Level 1 – Learn the Hypothesis

You can’t save yourself if you don’t know the danger you’re in – Chris Dinges

While they may disagree on the nature and source of the problems, people of liberal, moderate and conservative ideologies will agree that humanity is suffering in many ways. The PL hypothesis reveals the hidden core contributors to events and conditions that violate tenets of social justice. To get an idea of how unaware the general public is regarding the true nature of those contributors, how they view their place in the world think about doctors in the 12th century who did not know that by not washing their hands, they were excelling at spreading the diseases they were trying to stop.

The first tool for changing this condition is education. As each of you learn about predatory leadership, your impact is doubled by the fact that (1) you are no longer contributing to the condition and (2) you begin to make choices that will contribute to the eventual end of the condition. For more information, read on…

PLtraits_3Depending upon which research is cited, psychopaths comprise between one and four percent of the population; narcissists have been more specifically identified as 7.7% of the population (male) plus 4.8% of the population (female). That means, in contrast to Hawken’s estimate of over 100 million people working to do good in the world, over 800 million people may be exercising some degree of predatory leadership to thwart their efforts. For various reasons, millions more people who may not have psychopathic symptoms work with and for predatory leaders, some eventually becoming predatory leaders themselves. One reason is that predatory leaders have been successful for so many centuries that public opinion presumes that success requires the ability to make decisions that will cause harm to others; as a result, such behavior is not seen as the aberration that it is; instead, many people believe that in order to become a successful leader, such behavior is normal and even required.

One consequence of this dynamic is that many believe we have a system that is too big to fail; therefore many people feel powerless to create sustainable change.

When the missing information revealing the true nature of predatory leadership is available and understood worldwide, we will be able to create changes in the human condition comparable to the sweeping improvement in medicine that was made possible by the invention of the microscope.

The current working definition of predatory leadership:

Predatory Leadership is a contemporary condition that evolved over centuries out of the efforts of a small percentage of the population whose policies & agendas reflect their mental, emotional and subconscious investment into attaining their goals, openly or covertly, by any means, with complete disregard or concern for the impact of their actions upon others. On a personal, domestic, corporate, national and international level, elements of narcissistic behavior pervade all realms of predatory leadership; the consequences have resulted in a manipulation and distortion of civilization to the extent that, for many, humanity’s worst expressions of social injustice are normalized as endemic and inevitable. (Kramer, 2014).

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