If you found a way to end humanity’s worst examples of social injustice, what would you do?

We value your ideas, questions and critiques

Your questions and critiques will help us clarify the message; your ideas may enhance the message or lead us to concepts we hadn’t yet considered.

If your suggestions are incorporated into the final version, please let us know how you would like to be credited. As the book will be available for free or used as a fundraiser to support IMPADA, we are not able to provide any financial remuneration. Hopefully the fact that you are helping to rid the world of some of its worst problems will be sufficient reward.

The goal of the first handbook is to be as brief as possible while sharing the hows and whys of Predatory Leadership (PL) and how it impacts the human condition, and how we can collaborate to change things for the better. I envision the next book to be much more substantive; it will mostly include articles by and interviews with people who are specialists in their particular field. For example, if you or someone you know has expertise in a profession or field of study, I welcome your perspective on how PL shows up in that particular arena. I am seeking people with expertise in the following fields:

  • history
  • political science
  • psychology
  • theology
  • sociology
  • corporate management
  • regional government
  • medicine, HMOs, hospital administration
  • economics
  • domestic relationships
  • child abuse (and the agencies assigned to deal with child abuse)
  • welfare state

Any specific organization: (agriculture, oil industry (and other energy industries), government arenas, prison industry, military/industrial complex, weapons industry, drug trade, human trafficking,

Any field or profession not listed here in which you have expertise and can describe how it has been impacted by Predatory Leadership.

Understanding Predatory Leadership: The First Step Toward a World Free of War, Corruption and Poverty - ebook now available!


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This is a work in progress.
Please take a look around; your feedback is welcome.

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