If you found a way to end humanity’s worst examples of social injustice, what would you do?

Level 4 – Become a PL Trainer

After you’ve taken the training, you now understand the nature of PL and its far reaching implications. Hopefully you can also see the beginning of a path to a world free of war, corruption and other major consequences of PL. As you share what you’ve learned with friends and family, you help grow the movement for change that is being shepherded and nurtured by Impada.org.

If you are motivated to increase and accelerate the growth and impact of the anti-PL movement, one of your options is to become a trainer yourself. As word of PL and the movement grows, applications for PL training will grow as well; in order to meet that demand in a timely manner, we will need a large pool of trainers around the globe. If you already have experience as a trainer in any field, your experience will be valuable; you can help us improve the curriculum. There is an additional level of trainers needed, those who train the trainers themselves.

At this early stage, the beginning of 2016, we have not yet begin accepting funding. After funding mechanisms are in place (including grant writers, if that is included in your skill set), we anticipate paying trainers for their service.

Contact us through the website with any questions or to inform us of your interest in participating in becoming a trainer.

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